After years of trading on Nasdaq through clearing banks, Ezpada Group is excited to become a direct member on the exchange and to enjoy all of the benefits that accompany this move.

Nasdaq Ezpada

Ezpada is trading global commodities striving to achieve exceptional results by leveraging on analytics, market expertise and a diligent risk culture. We achieve this by attracting and empowering the best people, putting them in a position to both participate and lead in our growth, and by continuously investing in technology. The adjectives that define us include transparent, efficient and agile.

Ezpada has a simple set of values which are strongly pursued in our day-to-day operations and dealings with counterparties, partners and employees. We believe that in order to be successful both externally, as participants on the markets, and internally, as an employer and corporate citizen, we must approach our business with transparency, efficiency and agility. This simple yet powerful set of values is what makes us and keeps us successful.

Since its inception 15 years ago, Ezpada has successfully grown from a regional power trading company to a pan-European energy trader and to its position today as a diversified commodity trading house. The portfolio of products traded by the group includes power, natural gas, oil and refined products, coal, gold, freight, agricultural products and emission certificates.

Ezpada was founded by three private individuals in 2004; both Ezpada AG in Zug and Ezpada SRO were set up and the trading floor was located in Prague.

The company’s founders had already proven themselves as successful power traders on the European energy markets. They utilized an innovative business model of cross-border power trading and a network of local offices was created in order to support this model and have physical presence in such markets.

Starting in 2012, the founders began to progressively hand over management to dedicated managers from the industry. This also coincides with the period when one of the three original partners exited. The founders remain involved in the Group in an advising and mentoring role.

Since 2013, the Group has transitioned from a family business to a corporate structure with an established governance, risk management and compliance framework.

Ezpada has organically expanded its portfolio of traded products to the full range of commodity products traded today.

Diversification, synergies and experience achieved through a successful history of more than 15 years have proven Ezpada’s concept and turned into a sustainable strategy for future development.